Introducing the band Grey Rails, a musical fusion born from diverse influences. Hailing from Denver, CO, our seasoned sound blends multiple genres into a harmonious experience that refuses to be confined and is a passport to uplifting rhythms, feel good jams and a positive message.

Grey Rails performs as a vocal and guitar driven soloist, duo, trio, quartet or quintet and covers any great song from the last 100 years – shuffling through rock, pop, blues, R&B, jazz, folk, traditional, outlaw country, Bossa Nova, dance – and original music, too!

Grey Rails was born and created in 2021 by Travis Daudert but features a decade-long musical relationship with bassist P.J. Thorstensen at its core and creates a professional, dynamic, cohesive and seasoned sound. We can add drums (Chris Rose), keys and/or percussion (Scott Headley) for bigger stages and when a full band is desired.