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Introducing the band Grey Rails, a musical fusion born from diverse influences. Hailing from Denver, CO, our seasoned sound blends multiple genres into a harmonious experience that refuses to be confined and is a passport to uplifting rhythms, feel good jams and a positive message.

Grey Rails, performing as a soloist, duo, trio or quartet plays Acoustic or Electric Groove & Jam music with a high level of musicianship and covers an eclectic array of artists and genres as well as originals!

Our self-titled album of original songs, “Grey Rails” is now available!

Grey Rails – Grey Rails to find us on any of your favorite online streaming platforms.

Also available to purchase directly through us to ship anywhere in the U.S.!
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*CD’s = $15 each including shipping
*Vinyl LP’s = $30 each including shipping
*Stickers = 2 for $6, 5 for $10 including shipping
*One each CD, Vinyl LP and 3 stickers for $45 including shipping

We are so thankful to KRFC 88.9 in Fort Collins for playing our music!

Please message them directly to request them to play Grey Rails – thank you for all your support!